Vespa route of 4 hours including breakfast 



Arrangement Piaggio

This variation starts with an extended breakfast on location or at the holiday home. Thereafter follows a Vespa tour of four hours towards the forests of Bruges or Maria-Aalter.


  • 50 euros per person

  • Four Vespa's available. It's possible to share one Vespa with two people.

Two possible routes



This route goes towards thee green border of Bruges, more specifically towards Tudor, Beisbroek en Tillegem forest with their castles and residential houses. This forms a nice and peaceful scenery to ride through. At the castle of Beisbroek you have the possibility to drink something or eat a pancake. 

Vakantiewoning René Tudor

Forests of Bruges

Vakantiewoning René

Hermaraal route

During this route you cross Wingene and ride till Maria-Aalter, just outside the provincial border in East-Flanders. The wooded surroundings make a beautiful and relaxing environment to discover while riding the Vespa. This decor gets a green extension at the picturesque Herstberge.